Sr Practice Assistant / 40hrs / Day / Jamaica Plain / Ortho/Spine / BWH Faulkner

Brigham and Women's Hospitalis committed to putting every Patient First. Every employee plays a role inproviding a positive impact on patients and the care they receive at Brighamand Women's Hospital. Our service will be distinguished by the delivery ofhigh-quality and safe patient care, respect and dignity in all interactionswith patients, families and colleagues and by customer service excellence.
All employees are expectedto embrace this commitment and demonstrate behavioral competencies in thefollowing areas:
People: Focus on serving the community through collaboration and respect
Self Management: Accountability, professionalismand commitment to growth and development
Organization: A commitment to quality, service andexceptional performance
Meeting these expectationsis key to the success of your department and the organization.
Actual job duties may varyby department (see Addendum B for more detail)
Perform administrative duties under minimal supervision at thehighest proficiency level.
Act as a lead, assign and prioritize workflow, troubleshootissues, assist with training and orientation, and provide backup support forthe Supervisor.
Provide guidance and help to other to resolve complex issues andproblems.
Provide feedback to Supervisor and input into evaluatingperformance of staff. Assist with annual competency assessments.
Assist Supervisor with interviewing for new staff.
Assist with orientation and training for new and current staff.
Act as a super user for scheduling, registration, and billingsystems. Provide training and assistance to others in these areas.
May perform more complex or specialized functions (i.e. surgicalscheduling) at highest competency level.
Assist with training and orienting staff as needed.
Provide cross coverage as needed.
Assist with special projects as directed.
Follow HIPAA guidelines for the management of patient privacy andconfidentiality.
Other duties, as assigned.
Addendum A
BWH BehavioralCompetencies (required of all employees)
1. People: Focus on serving thecommunity through collaboration and respect
Definition: Maintain an environmentwhere individuals value and respect differences in all situations. Stand firmagainst intolerance and bias to create a welcoming environment and respect allindividuals regardless of race, gender identity, ethnicity, language, sexualorientation, age, physical or mental ability, religion, socio-economic status,or national origin.
Workeffectively with others who have diverse perspectives, talents, roles,backgrounds and/or styles Contributeto a positive team environment where differences are respected, supported andare free from stereotyping and offensive comments Beprofessional when approached about behaviors that might be perceived asdisrespectful
Open Communication
Definition: The ability toeffectively articulate and receive information in a clear, concise and timelymanner.
Practiceactive listening skills
Fosterand maintain an environment that respects open dialogue, differences ofopinion, as well as diverse communication styles
Ensurethat information is shared in a clear, accurate, and timely manner using theappropriate communication method for your audience
Expressoneself clearly and professionally in your verbal, non-verbal, written, andelectronic communication
Building CollaborativeRelationships
Definition: Identifyingopportunities and taking action to build relationships between one's area andother areas, teams, departments, units, or organizations to help achieveorganizational goals.
Takeinitiative to support others and build productive relationships that will leadto a cohesive workplace
Interacteffectively with other team members, departments and customers to accomplishorganizational goals
Definition: Understand how one'sown work affects the organization as a whole and demonstrate a commitment tothe organizational goals.
Supportand respect BWH's mission, vision, values and history
Understandand recognize how your individual role and department impacts the organization
2. Self Management: Accountability,professionalism and commitment to growth and development
Embracing Change
Definition: Demonstrateadaptability and openness to organizational changes needed to improveeffectiveness and goals.
Supportand positively participate in organizational and/or job specific changes
Initiateappropriate action when change is needed
Beflexible and open to new ideas
Adaptto shifting priorities
Learning Oriented
Definition: Predisposed to pursuelearning opportunities even outside own comfort zone, one stays abreast of newtools and methods, rising to add value and build challenge in currentassignments.
Demonstrateopenness to learning from successes and failures
Recognizeand participate in learning opportunities
Seekand share best practices
Definition: Practice respect forself and others; and adhere to BWH standards, policies, and procedures at alltimes.
Adhereto BWH's Code of Conduct, Guide to Ethical Standards, policies and procedures
Alignbehavior with the organizational mission and values
Practicerespect in accordance to the BWH standards
Demonstrateresponsibility, reliability, and trustworthiness
3. Organization: A commitment to quality,service and exceptional performance
Quality and SafetyFocus
Definition: Responsible for meetingstandards of performance or outcomes in a safe manner while avoiding risks.
Alignjob performance with quality and safety standards (e.g. The Joint Commission,BWH and department specific standards)
Adhereto established policies and procedures
Takeaction to prevent errors
Identifyand report adverse events, errors and incidents
Efficiency andPerformance Improvement
Definition: Systematic approach toimprove performance by eliminating waste, non-value added activities andvariability in processes.
Participatein process and performance improvement by identifying, analyzing, and enhancingexisting processes to achieve better outcomes
Maximizeavailable resources to achieve performance measures; reduce waste, rework, andwork-arounds consistent with one's role
Problem Solving
Definition: Able to gatherappropriate data and diagnose the cause of the problem before taking action;and if necessary develop alternative courses of action.
Recognizeactual and potential problems and take appropriate action towards a solution
Offerassistance, as needed, when a potential problem situation is observed
Usegood judgment to keep manager informed of problems or issues, followingdepartment practice
Service Excellence
Focusing one's effortstowards anticipating, meeting and exceeding the expressed and unexpressed needsor expectations of internal and external customers.
Applyservice standards consistently to present a positive image of BWH tocolleagues, health providers, patients, families, and visitors:
Engagewith positive greetings and active listening
Empathizeby expressing understanding
Educatethroughout the information exchange
Enlistthoughts and ideas from others
4. General/Administrative Support: (required of allAdministrative Support employees)
Information Gathering
Definition: Identify and seekinformation needed to clarify a situation. Ask questions to discover the facts.
Identifyspecific information needed to clarify a situation or to make a decision
Probeskillfully to get at the facts
Level of educationrequired:
Minimumof a high school diploma or GED.
Work experiencerequired:
Minimumthree years medical office or administrative support experience required.
Someadditional training in office systems or other post high school educationpreferred. Associate's Degree or higher level education preferred, but notrequired.
Technical skillsrequired:
Knowledgeof practice operations and standards.
Understandingof procedures including filing, copying, scanning, printing, and faxing.
Highlyproficient in all communication skills (phone, verbal and written). Ability tohandle sensitive information and situations with poise and professionalism.
OrganizationSkills:Strong organizational, coordination and judgment skills. Ability to prioritizeeffectively. Ability to manage multiple tasks effectively, followingestablished protocols, and work within systems.
SystemSkills:Advanced computer skills. Ability to use all applicable applications at highestcompetency level.
Abilityto problem solves and troubleshoots. Ability to analyze a situation anddetermine best course of action within established guidelines.
Understandingof the appropriate use and importance of related forms.
Advancedunderstanding and use of medical terminology.
Advancedcomprehension of insurance types and referral process.
Advancedcomprehension of registration and fiscal information.
Knowledgeableand compliant with all hospital, State and Federal requirements (whereapplicable to job performance), including policy and procedures with The JointCommission and HIPAA.

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